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Core sponsors

Logo Bank Gospodarstwa Krajowego (BGK)

Bank Gospodarstwa Krajowego (BGK)

is a state development bank which initiates and implements projects promoting economic growth in Poland and enhancing the quality of citizens lives.  BGK develops guarantees and sureties schemes which contribute to commercial development. One of the important tasks of BGK is also to support the activities of Polish companies abroad. BGK manages European programmes and distributes EU funds at the national and regional level. BGK is also involved in programs aiming at improving access to housing on the residential market.

Logo EximBank


has been actively involved for more than 25 years in supporting and promoting the Romanian business environment by endorsing the local companies’ projects. Starting up as an export agency, EximBank has evolved and extended this role keeping its unique profile on the market. Acting as Romanian state agent for guarantees and insurance, EximBank is the main channel for infusing the Romanian state funds into the real economy in order to sustain increasing competitiveness of local companies.

Logo Altum


is a state-owned development finance institution, which offers state aid for various target groups with the help of financial tools (such as loans, credit guarantees, investing in venture capital funds, etc.). ALTUM develops and implements state aid programmes to compensate for the market’s shortcomings that can’t be solved by private financial institutions.

Logo Rahandusministeerium


is the Estonian Ministry of Finance.

Logo Slovenska izvozna in razvojna banka (SID Banka)

Slovenska izvozna in razvojna banka (SID Banka)

is a promotional development and export bank 100% owned by the Republic of Slovenia. With our banking and insurance services we promote sustainable development and improve the competitiveness of the Slovene economy.



is the official export credit agency of Hungary, the only domestic bank and insurer specifically focusing on international trade, foreign market expansion and investments. It’s mission is to support Hungarian enterprises as a financial engine that helps drive the success of domestic exporters in foreign markets and to deliver a kind of passport to businesses to promote their foreign market success with financial solutions.

Logo Bulgarian Development Bank (BDB)

Bulgarian Development Bank (BDB)

is a credit institution 99.9%-owned by the Bulgarian state. It was established in 1999 as the Encouragement Bank with main focus to support small and medium-sized enterprises. It is the only Bulgarian bank to provide direct financing as well as financing via other credit institutions. BDB is the best-positioned local bank to raise funds from international partners.

Logo Hrvatska banka za obnovu i razvitak (HBOR)

Hrvatska banka za obnovu i razvitak (HBOR)

is a Croatian Bank for Reconstruction and Development. Within the Croatian banking system, HBOR plays the role of a development and export bank established with the objective of financing the reconstruction and development of the Croatian economy.

Logo Investicijų ir verslo garantijos (INVEGA)

Investicijų ir verslo garantijos (INVEGA)

iis a National Promotional Institution incorporated by the State in 2001. The main objectives of the operations of INVEGA are to provide financial services, implement and administer financial instruments for businesses, public and agriculture sectors.