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Ljubljana hosted the fourth conference of the Three Seas Initiative Investment Fund

Ljubljana hosted the fourth conference of the Three Seas Initiative Investment Fund

Nov 9, 2020
On Friday, November 6, the Slovenian development bank SID Banka organized another edition of the Three Seas Fund conference. This was the fourth – after Bucharest, Warsaw and Riga – meeting during which participants talked about the Three Seas Fund – its role, areas of activity and how it can respond to the needs of the Three Seas region.

The representatives of the Three Seas Fund held a virtual meeting with Slovenian businesses, local administration and media. The meeting was attended by representatives of the Fund from Poland, Romania, Estonia, Latvia and the Czech Republic, as well as the representatives of the SID Banka.

“I am delighted that, despite the prevailing lockdown, we are able to maintain a high pace of work at the Three Seas Fund. The meeting in Ljubljana is another, after Tallinn, where we jointly show how important the Three Seas Fund is for our entire region” – said Beata Daszyńska-Muzyczka, chairman of the Supervisory Board of the Three Seas Fund and president of BGK, the Polish development bank.

„SID Banka emphasized the fund’s role in covering market gaps in the area of financing European transport, energy and digital infrastructure, also through international cooperation. Special highlight was given to infrastructural investments in particular as a reaction to current economic situation and also in the light of future sustainable development of Central and Southeastern European economies. Private sector’s knowledge and innovation cooperation in terms of co-financing and project selection will be necessary for realization of successful, sustainable and viable projects” – added Sibil Svilan, president of SID Banka’s Management Board.

The conference was also attended by representatives of the International Monetary Fund who presented a report describing the economic potential of the region

The Three Seas Fund is a dedicated commercial fund targeting infrastructure investments in Central and Eastern Europe (‘CEE’).  The Fund will invest in energy, transport and digital infrastructure in European Union (‘EU’) CEE member states which border the Baltic, Adriatic and Black Seas where the demand for long-term commercial investment into national infrastructure is among the highest in the EU.

Poland, Romania, Estonia and Latvia joined the Fund, and other countries in the region, including Slovenia, are in the process of accession.

TheThree Seas Fund conference series will continued to be held in 2021 in other capitals of the countries of the region.