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Three Seas region – report

Three Seas region – report

Aug 20, 2019

Three Seas area is made up of countries that collectively have higher economic growth compared to developed markets; this is a typical feature of emerging markets, but with the great advantage of being institutionally more stable than typical emerging markets and located within the European Community territory. 

The GDP of the Three Seas countries is expected to increase by 35% in the period 2018 – 2030, and the region’s share in GDP of the entire EU should increase from 11% to 13%. 

The share of the Three Seas countries in projects financed by the European Fund for Strategic Investments is about 14% (compared to the 11% share of the Three Seas in EU GDP). 

The advantage of the Three Seas region is the number of inhabitants – about 111 million or 22% of the population of the entire European Union. 

Perspectives for infrastructural investments in the Three Seas region (Report by SpotData, 2019).

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